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Product Warranty

Respect of customer:

First of all thank you for your choose product of AGESTAR, in order to make our service make you

more satisfied, rules, ensure the quality of product description;

1. Please check it after purchase of products manual check whether the parts is complete, if not

complete, please immediately contact the dealer of purchase.

2. AGESTAR commitment in mainland China to sell quality goods to provide warranty service.

3.Maintenance services, please contact a local authorized agent dealers or store, or contact

AGESTAR directly. 

4.AGESTAR products a year warranty, within one year from the date of purchase to AGESTAR free


But if any of the following circumstances, the material cost for wiring and maintenance man-hour

costs until no maintenance:

Does not according to the manual shall be caused by the damage;

Does without authorization desoldering parts or modify and cause of the bad situation;

Does part of the natural wear and in case of irresistible natural disasters;

Does the match due to his bad product design instability or damage situation;

Does not the authorized channel for this product.